Procrastination Corner

Hello and welcome to this week’s Procrastination Corner – a pocket-full of pennies to play with in the internet arcade.

Can Art save the Arctic? An experimental documentary. I don’t normally post crowd-funding links (seeing as we’ll be trying it soon)  but I’ve seen these guys previous work and know what they can do. Help them complete this fascinating sci-fi documentary, some great rewards too! (Link)

Beautiful short film. Light by David Parker. (Link)

Would love to live here. An Abandoned Men’s Club Is Now a Home. (Link)

Jerry Lewis pantomiming in 1961’s The Errand Boy. Pure brilliance. (Link)

The first two episodes of the very funny web series ‘All in the Method.’ The perils of being an actor! (Via @Kailester on twitter) (Link)

Some amazing photographs from the National Geographic competition. (Link)

Michael Cera is fired from Knocked Up. (Link)

And this week’s game? Not actually a game, but just as fun. Weaves Silk. (Link)



Procrastination Corner

Hello and welcome to this week’s Procrastination Corner. A bush full of scrumptious, crunchy, internet pickings.

This is my favourite story of the week and it goes right at the front! A collection of lost fairy tales found! (Link)

And, here’s one you can read. The Turnip Princess. (Link)

This is beautiful … and I really want it… Incredible Little Mech Sculpture (Link)

Saw Looper at the weekend.. really enjoyed it.. the director Rian Johnson has released an audio commentary if you fancy going back and seeing it again. (Link)

While we are on Looper, this is a fascinating little video on how they did the music. (Link)

Director’s on Hitchcock. (Link)

Always enjoy a collection of old strange photos. (Link)

A record player that plays slices of wood. (Link)

Speaking of records…. big fan of this short film/viral Soulwax-Machine directed by Saam Farahmand . Be warned it’s NSFW… Nudity!? (Link)

And this week’s game… Amorphous+.. which is annoyingly difficult. (Link)


Procrastination Corner

Hello and welcome to this week’s Procrastination Corner… an attic full of stuff you don’t really need, but can’t bear to throw away.

A great (but too short) interview with stop motion maestro Ray Harryhausen. (Link)

The original video to… er… Video by Jeff Lynne. He honestly seems to be having the most fun here. (Link)

Donald Duck’s family tree (Link)

The future according to films. (Link)

I tweeted this a few weeks ago but still love it – Hypnotising Chickens (Link)

10 Myths About Space Travel That Make Science Fiction Better (Link)

Always nice to hear of famous people who are dyslexic…Spielberg. Who knew? (Link)

Tattoos for websites that no longer exist. (Link)

Legoland’s annual clean up looks like a big job. (Link)

While we are on Lego… Video of first Legoland park. (Link)

My favorite literal video. Safety dance. (Link)

And finally this week’s game… be the virus that destroys the world… Infectonator : World Dominator (Link)

Procrastination Corner

Welcome to this week’s Procrastination Corner – a hamper of internet delights.

Adam Buxton doing what he does best. NWA – Help The Police (Link)

A very nice bit of design. Is this the new shoe box? (Link)

Ken Block shows why San Francisco’s roads are awesome. (Link)

While we are on cars, this advert for Sky’s Bond season is pretty cool. ALL THE BONDS. (Link)

The Citizen Kane script. (Link)

Nice little info graphic on summer blockbusters. (Link)

How to start a movement (not just in dance) (Link)

Is this the cutest thing ever? A little pig rescuing a baby goat from drowning at a petting zoo. (Link)

And finally this week’s game. Bubble Tanks 3, much better than it sounds (Link)

Hope you enjoy.

Procrastination Corner

Hello and welcome to this week’s Procrastination Corner. A pick n’ mix of distractions and amusements.

Undercity is a friggin’ amazing documentary on urban exploration. The end on the bridge makes me feel physically sick. (Link)

Spike Jonze, animation and some stunning design = moving short film. (Link)

That has really reminded me of my favourite short film ever… also by Spike Jones!? (Link)

America in Color from 1939-1943 (Link)

Now that’s a letter. Terry Gilliam’s Brazil letter to Universal (1985) (Link)

Inside 1980s ILM (Link)

I generally hate adverts… but the flip slide of that is I occasionally love them. (Link)

I am sure there is a short film in this sad and bizarre story. (Link)

Driver tries to pay traffic ticket with 137 origami dollar bill PIGS (Link)

A few thousand LEDs and a snowboard is one of the most beautifully haunting things you’ll see today. (Link)

… and this weeks game? The mighty ‘Peggle’… you have to download it but it’s worth it. (Link). I lost months of my life playing this. You have been warned.