Titles: Animation Tests

We are moving forward with the film and will soon be heading into pre-production!

Hopefully the updates will start to come thick and fast, but this blog is all about how the titles are progressing.

Chris and Marko have been working hard to develop the style and ‘story’ of the titles.

As we discussed in an early blog we gathered a bus load of references over on pintrest, stuff we liked (and didn’t) and I briefed the guys on what the titles needed to do.


From those references the guys worked up a number of style frames and possible approaches.

A few early ideas:

Initial Idea

Initial Idea 02

We really liked the idea of ‘simple’ graphical backgrounds and environments with more detailed characters.

The guys took these core elements and expanded them out into a number of different scenarios. They also played around with different looks within these constraints.

Inspector ideasSub ideas

The Chef ideas

Marko also began working on different styles for the characters.

Charachter ideas

These frames gave us a good idea of the feel we wanted to create, especially in terms of detail in the backgrounds, texture and if they needed extra 2d overlays.

The next step was to do an animation test and see how some of these ideas worked moving.

And here they are…

We were a big fans of the ‘black frame’ (#3) look; it will give us the opportunity to play with different farmings and transitions between scenarios. We might also include some of the parallax elements from number 4.

As tests, these give us a great idea for the look and energy of the titles.

Now we have a style (pretty much) locked down, the next step is to figure out the ‘story’ of the titles and begin story boarding the whole sequence.

I hope you like the way they are looking!

One of the rewards we offered during the Kickstarter campaign is to be featured as an animated character in the titles! If you backed at this level we will be in touch soon on what we will need from you to turn you into a little animated person.

cartoon charachter

If you missed out on the campaign and would too like to be featured in the titles – well you can! Just head over to our shop. All money goes to making the film better and bigger!

For a closer look at some of the above images, check out the gallery below.


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