Kevin Macdonald watches Choke Mate!

Last month Choke Mate was up for short film of the month on shooting people. We asked all you shooting people members to vote and you very kindly did.

NB: If you don’t know, Choke Mate was a short film we made in 48 hours during the Kickstarter campaign for The Fitzroy, partly to show what we were capable of and partly for fun. Here’s a blog of how that went!

You guys got us into the top three. Which meant we were in the final!

The prize was for Kevin Macdonald (director of Touching the Void and The Last King of Scotland) to review the three finalists and pick an overall winner.

Sadly he didn’t pick Choke Mate but just to be in the final was a great achievement and we really appreciate everyone who voted, watched and helped spread the word.

Here’s what Kevin (as I’m now calling him) said about the film.

“Again, an intriguing concept. Has a nice sense of dread and an evocative use of locations. I felt that the director/writers/actor didn’t quite convince me with the ending – why one takes the mask and the other doesn’t.”
Kevin Macdonald

Well Kevin! It’s all about self-sacrifice. You see, one of the masks is broken and he gives up the last mask for her…. I jest, of course. If he doesn’t feel we got that across then we didn’t get it across (to him).

To be fair he’s not the only one who’s not got or felt the ending. It’s not clear enough that one of the masks is broken. And that is my fault as the director. I did want to put in a closer shot of the broken mask, with a smashed eyepiece. It would have really rammed it home that the mask was broken. Unfortunately we just didn’t have time to do it.

Which actor is this?

Which actor is this?

The other thing we have learnt from feedback on Choke Mate is, that it is hard to distinguish characters when their faces are covered. Bane! This is going to be something we have to figure out for The Fitzroy.

All in all we are really chuffed that Choke Mate made it into the final. We are proud of the little film that could. Thanks again for voting for us and do leave your comments on what you think of it and if you agree with Kevin.


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