Choke Mate

Drum roll please!

Here it is… the Mini-Fitz – a short film made in (just over) 48 hours from suggestions by our supporters and the internet at large.

Although it is set in ‘the world’ of The Fitzroy, it turned out to be tonally much darker – you have been warned.

I hope you like it.

It was a full-on weekend pulling it all together. From the writing and the shoot to the editing, grade and mix – it was hard work but great fun.

A huge thanks goes out to the actors who spent all day sitting in the wet sand, Ciro the D.P. and Tom who did the sound design and mix.

I’ll try and put up a longer blog tomorrow, going into more of the process and how the weekend went  – with some behind-the-scenes photos.


This morning we hit 50% of our target for The Fitzroy, which is brilliant! With a bit of luck and a lot of hard work we might just make it but we need your help! So thank you for all your support so far and please keep spreading The Fitzroy word!


One thought on “Choke Mate

  1. I found the Fitzroy crowd funding project via Planet5D. Being honest, my initial research into your project was based on finding the “Choke Mate” video as the concept sounded right up my street. However, after seeing the your Kickstarter video and location you’ve got, and seeing the character ideas you have, I’m now a backer. It’s an ambitious project and I hope you get funded! And, if you need a spare pair of hands I’ve got my own DSLR cameras and a bunch of kit you could use if required. I’d be more than happy to get involved.

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