The Countdown

If you have been following us on Twitter or Facebook you will know the countdown has begun!

The countdown to what I hear you cry?

Well, the countdown to the launch of our Kickstarter campaign. And it’s just a few short days away.

At 6pm on Thursday we will launch!

Ohhhhh Big Green Button!

We are incredibly excited by this and I want to share everything with you now, but I’m under strict instructions from the producers not to.

On Kickstarter, once your project has been approved there is a giant green ‘launch’ button right next to the ‘preview’ button. I can’t tell you how tempted I am to press that button!

Despite being under strict instructions not to give anything away… well screw it… I’m going to.

We’ve got some great rewards lined up, including a series of limited edition ‘alternative’ propaganda posters set in the world of The Fitzroy. These have all been created by different artists, designers and illustrators and, like the information posters of WWII and austerity Britain, they and incredibly varied in style and message. The guys have all done an amazing job of capturing different aspects of The Fitzroy world and I think you are going to love them.

Some Fitzroy t-shirts arrived today. Not necessarily a reward but for us to wear for the next month. We are walking billboards!

Phew, Okay I can’t tell you anymore of the rewards… but… if you want another sneaky peak at a few of them you can always download the press kit on our website. It’s meant just for the press, but if like me you find press kits interesting, then you might enjoy having a look at it. There is a wealth of information about the film and the campaign in there (link is on the about page).

So the campaign launches on Thursday and we will be hitting the digital world hard just trying to get people to hear about the film! If you could spare a tweet or facebook post it would really help us in spreading the word.

But it’s not just the digital world we are targeting.

We’re climbing out of our underground lair and going out into the real world. Sci-Fi London have very kindly allowed us to pitch a stall at their Post-Apocolympic festival, where they will be showing all sorts of wonderful post-apocalyptic films. If you are in London check it out (not only because they are screening one of my favourite films – The Flight of The Navigator).

If you are going, come and say hi and you might get some free rock!?

Throughout the crowd-funding campaign we are going to try and do as many ‘real’ things as possible. We’ll try and give you as much of a heads up as possible of what we are doing. But let me say just say this. Keep the evening of the 19th free!

We’ll that’s it for today. Sorry to be so cryptic… or not as it turns out.


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