Procrastination Corner

Hello and welcome to this week’s Procrastination Corner – a pocket-full of pennies to play with in the internet arcade.

Can Art save the Arctic? An experimental documentary. I don’t normally post crowd-funding links (seeing as we’ll be trying it soon)  but I’ve seen these guys previous work and know what they can do. Help them complete this fascinating sci-fi documentary, some great rewards too! (Link)

Beautiful short film. Light by David Parker. (Link)

Would love to live here. An Abandoned Men’s Club Is Now a Home. (Link)

Jerry Lewis pantomiming in 1961’s The Errand Boy. Pure brilliance. (Link)

The first two episodes of the very funny web series ‘All in the Method.’ The perils of being an actor! (Via @Kailester on twitter) (Link)

Some amazing photographs from the National Geographic competition. (Link)

Michael Cera is fired from Knocked Up. (Link)

And this week’s game? Not actually a game, but just as fun. Weaves Silk. (Link)



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