SUNK ‘Secret’ Screening

A quick blog today to let you know… ‘A SECRET

On Friday we will be having a special secret online screening of my latest short film SUNK.

Trapped on a sunken submarine, the sole survivor, the simple-minded Private Scunthorpe, must use all his limited wits to persuade a boisterous Colonel to send a rescue party, but just what is he willing to sacrifice for his own survival?

I co-directed SUNK last year with Andrew Robinson. It was made on a budget of sandwiches and hugs, but we are very happy with the end results… the results of the film that is, not the sandwiches and hugs.

For me, it was a great chance to try out writing a comedy and also (in no way planned) we shot on the Black Widow submarine that we hope to shoot The Fitzroy on.

In some ways you could watch SUNK as a quasi prequel to The Fitzroy… in some ways.

If you want to see SUNK before anyone else, all you have to do is sign up to The Fitzroy newsletter and on Friday we’ll send you the link and password.

So that’s the secret, keep it under your hat… actually please go tell everyone.

PS The poster is by the very talented Oliver Polanski.


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