Procrastination Corner

Hello and welcome to this week’s Procrastination Corner… an attic full of stuff you don’t really need, but can’t bear to throw away.

A great (but too short) interview with stop motion maestro Ray Harryhausen. (Link)

The original video to… er… Video by Jeff Lynne. He honestly seems to be having the most fun here. (Link)

Donald Duck’s family tree (Link)

The future according to films. (Link)

I tweeted this a few weeks ago but still love it – Hypnotising Chickens (Link)

10 Myths About Space Travel That Make Science Fiction Better (Link)

Always nice to hear of famous people who are dyslexic…Spielberg. Who knew? (Link)

Tattoos for websites that no longer exist. (Link)

Legoland’s annual clean up looks like a big job. (Link)

While we are on Lego… Video of first Legoland park. (Link)

My favorite literal video. Safety dance. (Link)

And finally this week’s game… be the virus that destroys the world… Infectonator : World Dominator (Link)


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