We have a Casting Director!

We are over the moon to be able to announce this today!

Brendan McNamara and his company Beach Casting have joined The Fitzroy and will be leading the search for the perfect cast.

The right casting is essential for any film and a surprisingly tricky business. Having a casting director of Brendan’s caliber and experience involved really does raise the film to another level.

As well as countless commercials, music promos and short films Brendan has done a number of high profile feature films including Svengali, Ultramarines, Treacle Jr and The Agent.

It’s going to be incredibly exciting ride to see who Brendan suggests for the roles and how that in turn effects the characters.

In the next few months we will start filling roles and have some exciting casting announcements!

We can’t wait!

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Actors: As we are trying to make this film through social media with the power of the internet we will also be putting out an open. Keep an eye out over the next few weeks for an announcement of this and character descriptions.


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