Procrastination Corner

Hello and welcome to this week’s Procrastination Corner. A pick n’ mix of distractions and amusements.

Undercity is a friggin’ amazing documentary on urban exploration. The end on the bridge makes me feel physically sick. (Link)

Spike Jonze, animation and some stunning design = moving short film. (Link)

That has really reminded me of my favourite short film ever… also by Spike Jones!? (Link)

America in Color from 1939-1943 (Link)

Now that’s a letter. Terry Gilliam’s Brazil letter to Universal (1985) (Link)

Inside 1980s ILM (Link)

I generally hate adverts… but the flip slide of that is I occasionally love them. (Link)

I am sure there is a short film in this sad and bizarre story. (Link)

Driver tries to pay traffic ticket with 137 origami dollar bill PIGS (Link)

A few thousand LEDs and a snowboard is one of the most beautifully haunting things you’ll see today. (Link)

… and this weeks game? The mighty ‘Peggle’… you have to download it but it’s worth it. (Link). I lost months of my life playing this. You have been warned.


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