Procrastination Corner

Welcome to this week’s Procrastination Corner. A dish full of distractions!

Lets start with some photos of sand. Sounds dull I know, but its all kinds of beautiful. (Link)

An interactive LED t-shirt and one of the best promotional videos in a long time. (Link)

Film techniques of Alfred Hitchcock. (Link)

The Oatmeal is always great and this is one of my favourites. (Link)

An interesting essay on the work and innovations of Christopher Nolan in ‘Nolan vs Nolan’ (Link)

10 Disney songs you’ve never heard. (Link)

Shane Meadows on screenwriting (short but brilliant advice). (Link)

If, like me, swords fascinate you, then this site is for you… (Link)

…which leads nicely onto ‘Armour for cats and mice.’ Yet no pictures of an actual duel! (Link)

And finally, this week’s game. Some good old mass murder of animals (it’s cuter than that). (Link)


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