Boxes so many BOXES.

Well I am finally into the new house and surrounded by boxes. The office isn’t quite set up yet, but the new desk seems to be working out pretty well.

It was quite sad to leave London but I will be back and forth especially as the producers are both London based and there is only so much you can do over skype. Bristol seems to be  an amazing city and I can (just) see the bridge from my bedroom window, which is very cool.

Anyway, what with the move and the Olympics, it has been a mixed time with the film.

We have started meeting up with heads of departments and musicians for the film. I am keen to get these key positions in place before we start the crowd funding.

I always find it really exciting meeting creative people. They bring so much to the project and it is thrilling to see how people interpret the script. I have a version that constantly runs on a tiny screen in my head but it sure isn’t what everyone else sees!

I guess that’s the beauty of film. It is a collaborative process; a combined vision. I don’t buy into the auteur theory. And I can’t stand ‘A whoever Film’ credit. It just isn’t true. Although saying that, I don’t mind that credit if it’s used as a sales tool for a big name director, but for a first time director, come on!

So hopefully very soon we’ll have some announcements to make regarding crew. I’ll keep you informed.


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