Procrastination Corner

I’m sitting in a café writing this blog. I don’t know why, but I always feel very self-conscious using a laptop in a café. Pen and paper – fine, but a laptop, it’s all ‘look at me, I’m working.’

Of course, I’m not working. I’m trying to look like I’m working, whilst playing Deadly Neighbors 2, watching a cat ride a tortoise on youtube, and organising my desktop into an ever more complicated filing structure.

It’s reckoned that it takes 10,000 hours practice to become an expert at something. That would make me one of the world’s leading experts in procrastination.

It’s a dangerous habit to develop, especially if you’re trying to make a film and build a career as a director…both of which require dedication and focus.

After watching the Olympics, I feel, like a large proportion of the country, that I too should put that level of training and perspiration into my own work. Although there are no gold medals for directing.  Hey, a ‘directing-taekwondo’ would be cool: “Ahh, Mr Bay, we meet again” – foot to the chest – “You’re making another Transformers movie?” – swift kick to the head.

Anyway, I digress.

Over the years, I’ve developed a few tricks to beat my procrastination.

• Turn the internet off. Normally I last five minutes before I turn it back on.

• Work in 30min chunks, with a five-minute ‘reward’ break. This could include a level of an online game, email/facebook/twitter check, or cup of tea.

• Keep the room/house/office constantly tidy, so there’s no excuse to ‘just clean this up’.

• Listen to classical music – this is my favorite. It seems to lull me into state where I lose track of time and just keep working.

And whilst writing this blog, I have come up with a new way to not just fight my procrastination, but to JUSTIFY it:

I’m going to start a weekly ‘Procrastination Corner’ where I will post a selection of links to articles, short films, interviews, etc. Basically, anything I think is interesting.

Now, the cynical person might think I’m just trying to drag you down with me.

Well I am!

At least if I’m not busy working, I can help to distract you and we’ll be on an even keel.

So here’s the first batch.


Solar 3d printer, prints glass from sand (Link)

Amazing rural sculptures (Link)

Noir-inspired animated gifs of monsters (Link)

Movie clichés (Link)

13-year-old copies nature to improve solar performance (Link)

Author quote posters (Link)

Better words for characters’ feelings (Link)

And finally John Cleese give a wonderful talk on creativity and how to use time properly. (Link)


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