Everything and the Kitchen Sink

This past week has been incredibly busy.

I’ve been moving house – not that I have one yet, but had to get out of my old place. So everything is in storage and I’m couch surfing for a while.

I would love to concentrate fully on the film this week, but that will be difficult living out of a suitcase. This is the thing with micro budget filmmaking. It isn’t done in a bubble. You have to work it in and around everyday life. The job, the grocery shopping… and the dreaded taxes.

Still, one thing I learned from watching all the documentaries on Jaws was that you just have to keep the film rolling and moving forward, even if your giant mechanical shark keeps breaking down.

So, between humping boxes of books and stuff I didn’t know I had, I managed to complete the second draft of the script.

Completing a draft or treatment always feels like a big step forward and that the script is ‘locked’. Of course it’s not, and I’m sure in a few days, when I read it through it again, there will be loads that needs redrafting.

The producers are reading it at the moment. If they like it, great. If not, I’m sure we’ll be having some long discussions.

Apart from the script, we started working on a cast wish list. Normally when I write, I don’t have any actors in mind, just caricatures painted in broad strokes. Coming up with a list of actors (some very fanciful indeed – Ian McKellen!) really helps to focus the characters’ images in my mind.

One of my favourite films from a casting point of view is ‘The Name of the Rose’. All the minor characters have such amazing looks. You become lost in their world and the histories etched on their faces.

When we come to casting The Fitzroy, I really want to find these unique looks and amazing character actors. Luckily, in Britain we are blessed with a wealth of talented actors.

If you have a favourite character actor that you would love to see in a surreal post-apocalyptic black comedy, let us know either in the comments below, via twitter or facebook.


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