Bang Bang

Hello and welcome…

… today we’d like to blow our horns, toot our trumpets and… wave(!?) our fanfares.

As a shy, retiring type of person, I’m not very good at promoting myself. If you ever see me at a networking event, I will be the one in the corner trying to achieve the right level of drunkenness confidence.

But seeing as I’m blogging, it’s something I’m going to have to try and get over.

So drum roll please.

The Fitzroy has received two very nice blog write-ups from sci-fi London and quietearth

It’s great that the film is already building a buzz and really nice that the concept is striking a chord with people.

As we plan on crowd funding The Fitzroy, the more we can grow a fan base and build a buzz through blogs, twitter, facebook and good old word of mouth, and the more chance there is of succeeding and making this film.

So despite my chronic shyness, we’re going to be banging our drum louder and louder. If you fancy it, bang yours with us.

Tune in next time… for a much more detailed account on why we are going down the crowd funding route and why I think it’s such a breath of fresh air for filmmakers.


The first hello

Hello and welcome…

… to The Fitzroy’s first blog and also my first blog.

Exciting isn’t it.

As this is the first one I’ll try and keep this short and sweet.

I’m Andrew, the writer and director. I’m quite a geek, and while it’s very chic at the moment I like to think I keep it ‘old-school’ geek and uncool. I also like cats and drinking (not together).

There, that didn’t feel at all like an awkward introduction.

Okay… but what’s the film about?

Well, The Fitzroy is a dark surreal comedy, set in a post-apocalyptic 1950’s Margate. The Fitzroy is a leaky submarine beached in the bay. It has been converted into the last hotel and ‘safe’ refuge for a traditional summer holiday.

It also has murders, ice cream, dead donkeys and elements of noir and farce. It is a mixed bag, but hopefully something entertaining and different.

We plan on crowd funding the film… I’ll tell you more about why we’re doing that in the next blog.

What can you expect from this blog?

Mainly me rambling on, but it will also be a ‘warts and all’ insight into the trials and tribulations of making an independent genre feature film through crowd funding.

In less grand terms, it will be a kind of journal by me, with occasional guest blogs from some of the talented people who are involved in the film.


We also want this to be a collaborative film and experience. So if you have any comments, recommendations or questions, please send them over.

So that’s it for now. I’ll be updating regularly so keep an eye out for more.

In the meantime check follow us on twitter. @the_fitzroy

or friend us on facebook.